Status Report 2

The publication of the IAV (International Authorized Version) and the expansion of our website have slowed down to a snail’s pace due to limited time.  This is because more of our time is now taken up raising needed money by working longer hours at our night jobs.  However, at least, we and the other members of the Chicago University Church are benefiting from the IAV.

Status Report 1

This is our first status report.  Our first edition of the IAV (International Authorized Version) was completed ten years ago.  However, it was not a perfected edition.  We are 75% of the way through the process of perfecting the first publishable edition of the IAV.  The work that remains is quite extensive.  In all, over 10,000 people have contributed to the production of the IAV, directly and/or indirectly, mostly indirectly.  We will update you when the next milestone is reached.