The Irrelevance Principle
(principle 11)

In terms of science, not, for us, truth, which is a subset of science, the Irrelevance Principle states that the disputed aspects of the original languages text are irrelevant because:

  1. They affect no meaning conveyed by the Scriptures, regardless of which text is used.
  2. There are only ten words in dispute.
  3. The disputed words consist of words like “of,” “the,” “in,” etc.
  4. These words only occur 17 times in the entire Bible.
  5. The (harmless) textual ambiguity that exists in the minds of some is God’s way of reminding them that they are to live by the spirit and not by the letter.  See the Textual Ambiguity Principle.

We note, in passing, that the New International Version and the New King James Version are still rejected altogether because they, collectively, have over 13,000 defects.