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IAV: International Authorized Version
Sixteenth Standard Edition:
Textual Super Matrix Edition

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For the first time in history, a Bible for the people has been produced that introduces everyone to information about the actual ancient manuscripts of the Bible. See the section in the IAV titled “Textual Super Matrix.”

In the last two editions, we tagged all verses, which is all verses, that involve grammar that is understandable to the average, modern person and inserted CLUES to the possible meanings of difficult words. Other major features of the IAV include:

1. We change nothing but the spelling, as our Christian forefathers have done in the past, including in the King James Bible. Changing the spelling does not change the meaning. Changing the spelling does not change God’s message.
2. All verses are compared to the KJV via the text colors.
3. Important words are tagged with “SNW” to direct you to look up their definitions in the 1828 Noah Webster Dictionary, which provides biblical definitions and is available for free below and on several websites and as a module for e-Sword and other Bible software.
4. The IAV is the only modern Bible that translated the original-languages text of the Bible to provide proof that the King James Bible and International Authorized Version are correct translations of the Bible.
5. The IAV is the only modern Bible that examined all of the original-languages manuscripts of the Bible, personally and/or by reliable, authorized proxy, and recompiled the original-languages text of the Bible.
6. The IAV is the only modern Bible that provides a side-by-side comparison of the King James Bible original-languages text and the International Authorized Version original-languages text that proves that they are identical.
7. The IAV is the only modern Bible that bulletproofs itself against any possible, future changes in the original-languages text and/or the English language text by providing proof that such changes are micro-spelling (spelling) or macro-spelling (the same as spelling but just not called “spelling”) changes.
Note the number “1.00.023” below. That is the sub-edition number. Each edition may undergo one or more minor revisions, resulting in one or more sub-editions. Thus, Edition Fifteen with subedition number “1.00.024” would be a later and better document than Edition Fifteen with subedition number “1.00.023.”

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