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IAV: International Authorized Version

Linguistic Microanalysis Edition

In the future, we will publish a version of the IAV that is the product of a linguistic microanalysis of the King James Bible; that is, the examination of the tiniest details, every dot of every “i,” every crossing of every “t,” of the language of the King James Bible. The microanalytical version will take some time to complete. In the meantime, we will provide as many improved editions of the IAV as we can.

IAV: International Authorized Version

Download Current (Sixteenth) Standard Edition

1. All verses are compared to the KJV via the text colors.
2. Important words are tagged (with “SNW”) to direct you to look up their definitions in the 1828 Noah Webster Dictionary, which is available for free on several websites and as an eSword module.

The IAV website home page is still online.