Textual Calculus Breakthrough: MT10-TR-CSR10

God’s written message, the very words of the Bible, in the original languages does not change. However, God’s written method may change. Most people believe that God’s written message has always been preserved over the centuries as a single volume of writings. However, that is not so. At times, the Bible existed as scattered writings. Now, copies of individual scattered writings would be made at various times and, during the copying process (though virtually not at all among the Jews with regard to the Old Testament) minute mistakes would be made but mistakes nonetheless.

God had a purpose in allowing these mistakes, which we will discuss in a future article. The important thing is to know that God provided text-correcting mechanisms to deal with these mistakes. Now, these TC mechanisms introduced the concept, which has been given different names over the centuries, of the “preword.”

A preword is a “candidate word,” a word that is a candidate for identification as a part of the message of God. Prewords fall into two categories: biblical prewords and nonbiblical prewords. Biblical prewords are eventually identified as biblical words.

Now, the MT10-TR-CSR10, which replaces the MT9-TR-CSR9, is identical to the MT9-TR-CSR9 word for word. The difference is that its source, the “Father of All Bibles, ”the Textual Super Matrix, has been expanded to include over two thousand, additional, ancient, biblical manuscripts. This means that the preword pool (the collection of prewords) has grown. We will explain the importance of knowing this in a future article.


Dr. Michael J. BiscontiGuardian

We are the guardian in the matter of the identification of the true text of the Bible in the original languages and in the English language and we are prepared to defend this powerful claim.

The true text of the Bible in the original languages is the:


This is the original languages text of the King James Bible and the International Authorized Version.

Original Languages Text Principle
(principle 15)

There are a host of aurum verses that teach that:

the original languages text of the Bible is not ambiguous

As a result, logic dictates a final and authoritative original languages text.  Ours is the MT10-TR-CSR10.  This text consists of the MT10 and the TR-CSR10.  We have already published the TR-CSR10 in multiple files and books (see English-Greek Interlinear option in the menu at the top of our website) and will be publishing the MT10 again when the opportunity to do so presents itself.

Note that our primary achievement in the area of the original languages text is to reinforce what was already established in the past before the development of supercomputers.