Putting To Rest The Textual Ambiguity Debate Once And For All

If you read everything we have previously published on our website on the subject of textual ambiguity, you will conclude that we contradict ourselves and, in terms of our published words, you would be right. We said that science declares there is (irrelevant) textual ambiguity and later we said that science indicates that there is no textual ambiguity.

So which is it? Well, the science that declares that there is textual ambiguity is old science and the science that declares there is no textual ambiguity is new science. The old science is incomplete. The new science is complete. Thus:

The new science – biblical textual calculus – overrules the old science – biblical textual criticism.

This means, scientifically (and truly) speaking:

There is no textual ambiguity in the original languages text of the Bible.

This article ends all doubt and confusion in this matter.

What Everyone Else Gets Wrong

Everyone else posits that the “Textus Receptus” (note quotes; to be precise, the level-2 authority is the TR-CSR10, the “Scrivener text” [note quotes]) or other ancient Greek text is the final authority for the English New Testament.  This is wrong.  The final authority is the Textual Super Matrix, which is the final authority for the Textus Receptus (see above). This means, among other things, unlike others, that we do not destroy the Alexandrian texts but, rather, demote them.